Learn more about Itatex

Learn more about Itatex

About Us

One of the biggest industries of Panos de Chão and Panos de Prato in Brazil and one of the main brands when thinking about excellence and quality. This is how Itatex, a family business that, over more than twenty years of existence, continues to excel every day, whether in its manufacturing process, in the form of presenting its products to the market, in the relationships it establishes with people and in all the actions that have boosted Itatex in more than 2 decades of history.

The name ITATEX comes from the initial idea of ​​homage to the city of location - Itaporanga - and also refers to the manufacture of textile products, having: ITATEX - ITAporanga + TEXTIL.

Itatex started small - few old machines, few employees, but the business was firm, allowing the enlargements and expectations to continue, to the point of becoming today the industry that is composed of almost 200 employees and in a structure that covers around 8,000 m² of area.

Itatex has been developing and today is a reference due to its first fruits: quality in sales, making the market firm; quality of processes, which refers to the organization of the company; and the largest of them - the continuous search for product quality. These factors make it a company of Excellence

Itatex products are marketed in all regions of the country and in almost every state. The company is currently focusing on expanding sales channels and preparing to enter the foreign market and soon customers and partners will have many new features and will be able to find our products much more easily.

The Company now has modern manufacturing and administrative facilities, as well as sophisticated machinery, which leads to the attainment of productivity that is matched to the highest standards.


Transformation, Opportunity and Quality are the concepts that have boosted Itatex since its inception. The company believes that these concepts only become attitudes through commitment to people. Therefore, since the beginning of its foundation, it invests heavily in the development and quality of life of its professionals. To look ahead, to see new paths, to do beyond the ordinary is what motivates Itatex.



Quality control, preventing failures and problems in processes and products, to efficiently meet the needs and desires of our industry customers.


With customers, employees and the environment